YP-2200B Infant Incubator

Infant incubator + neonatal monitor, more powerful functions

YP-2200B Infant Incubator

Infant incubator + neonatal monitor, more powerful functions

Precise control

1) Equipped with an embedded smart system and an Android display system. The updated PID core algorithm makes the temperature fluctuation in the incubator more stable.

2) In the scientific air circulation system with front-rear air outlet and left-right air return, the incubator will automatically form a vertical air curtain when the cabin door is open, there by minimizing the heat loss.

3) Humidity sensor collects effective data in real time, quickly reaching 95% humidification effect.

Quiet environment

1) Brushless DC motor is used to effectively reduce the noise in the incubator and provides a comfortable treatment environment.

2) Panel damping system, panels fall silently without holding.

Dual-screen display

Dual-screen display, external 12.1-inch TFT color touch screen + built-in 5.6-inch color LCD screen, more convenient operation.

Storage space

The large-capacity swivel storage drawer is ergonomic, and the external storage basket can properly accommodate cables and other accessories.

User-friendly design

1) Pressure-relief waterproof mattress is made of TPU material, which is soft and breathable, thereby improving the comfort of newborns and protecting the integrity of the skin.

2) The electric control bassinet can be smoothly tilted. The angle can be adjusted through the touch screen and support one-key leveling, which is more convenient for operation.

3) Built-in weighing system, convenient to measure the weight of children and monitor the weight trend changes.

Bacteriostatic environment

1) The high-temperature steam humidification method is used to kill most of the common pathogenic bacteria in the water tank, greatly reducing the risk of infection.

2) The front drawer-type water tank can be taken out by medical staff as a whole to clean and disinfect without dead ends.

3) Triple independent over-temperature protection, multi-channel sensor monitoring, and timely activation of audio & visual alarm provide multiple safety protections.

4) Built-in filtering device can effectively filter more than 99% of dust, creating an antibacterial environment in the incubator, and facilitating disassembling and replacement.

First domestic kangaroo mode

1) Effectively maintaining the temperature in the incubator, supporting kangaroo-style care, reducing parents’ anxiety, and facilitating newborns’ physical and mental development.

2) Camera: capable of carrying out local imaging and video recording convenient for clinical review.

Monitoring module

1) It can effectively eliminate movement interference and improve the measurement performance under low perfusion and body movement states.

2) It can significantly reduce the incidence of severe retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).

3) Masimo COmonitoring, provides two measurement methods: mainstream and external side flow to monitor CO2 accurately in a real-time manner.

4) SunTech NIBP monitoring, has double protection function of software and hardware.