Our Services

An overview of the services you offer and how they will benefit the visitor.

Medical Device Installation

Infinity Medical Sdn Bhd emphasize in providing the best setup and installation of the medical equipment in your healthcare facility, ensuring best performance of the medical device. This includes prior logistical needs such as transportation, warehousing and inventory management ensuring proper handling of the equipment and reaching needs of our customers. 


Repair and Maintenance

Apart from delivering medical equipment of the highest quality, we aspire to drive cost efficacy to its best performance.
Our after-sales service department has been continuously investing in equipment-testing devices and service parts to provide prompt and efficient repair and maintenance services, be it software or hardware.
We strongly believe in the importance of after-sales services in which medical professionals and equipment distributors work collectively to maximise the productivity of our healthcare environment.

Services Provided:
-Planned Preventive Maintenance (Periodical inspection eliminate unscheduled interruption, ensuring best efficiency)
-Troubleshoting and Remedies Services (24/7 breakdown assistance, remote diagnostic for instant solution / on-site support)
-Spare Parts Replacements (reliable spare parts services available to your doorstep)


Demo and Trainings

The development of health and medical technologies is advancing rapidly in our fast-paced world. As a result, it can be difficult to keep ourselves updated with comprehensive information and knowledge of the latest technology.

INFINITY MEDICAL SDN BHD with a team of well-trained specialists will guide you through the know how of both new and existing medical equipment technologies, ensuring all our users are equiped and well versed to utilise the equipment in it’s best performance.

Business Consultation

Equipped with vast experience and knowledge in the medical equipment industry, we have established a wides customer sales and service network throughout Malaysia in our branch offices located in Penang, Sabah, Sarawak and Johor Bahru. Our sales personnels will listen to you patiently and provide customised solutions according to your healthcare business.

Allow us to clarify and work out the instructions and guidelines of medical practices according to the rules and regulations of local authorities in Malaysia for you.

One Stop Medical Solution

Growing our customer’s portfolio offering, a comprehensive e-commerce platform for clinical products is built. Allowing consumers to obtain reliable and medically relevant products approved of strict clinical guidelines and standards of the highest quality under a single roof (ISO13475, MDA, CE marking, FDA). Bringing clinical procurement experience to a next level.