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Infinity Medical Sdn Bhd


About Us

Founded in 2003, Infinity Medical Shn. Bhd. is created with the goal to provide better options for medical professionals and uplift the standard of the medical industry in Malaysia.

Why Choose Us

Deep Industry Expertise

Applying our vast experience and knowledge in the industry over the past decades to uplift medical industry and offer best solutions for our customers.

Top Quality Products

Providing reliable and medically relevant products under strict clinical guidelines and standards of the highest quality with our continous growing portfolio offerings.

One stop Seamless services

Offering comprehensive service including logistical needs, sales consultation, clinical training, after sales services and logistical needs from our professional team.

Strong Partnership

Leading speciality partner of healthcare institutions and professionals, trusted by manufacturers and customers with high standard of satisfaction.

Our Services

Installation And Conditioning

Emphasize in providing the best setup and installation of the medical equipment in your healthcare facility, ensuring best performance of the medical device.

Maintenance and Repair

Our after-sales service department has been continuously investing in equipment-testing devices and service parts to provide prompt and efficient repair and maintenance services.


Demo and User Training

Team of well-trained specialists will guide you through the know how of both new and existing medical equipment technologies.

Consultation and Setup

Equipped with vast experience and knowledge in the medical equipment industry, we listen and provide customised solutions according to your healthcare business.

Our Products