Operating Theatre Solutions


Anesthesia Machine

State-of-the-art technologies that address the needs of clinicians during the entire perioperative period, allowing them to administer accurate, stable and safe anesthesia to patients, while minimizing the risks of human error, reducing workload, and lowering the environmental impact from the operating room.

Surgical Light

With ergonomic and compact design, our surgical light provides premium illumination performance, integrated with high-end technology, eye relaxing design, active shadow management function, electrical light field adjustment function, variable color temperature.

Operating Table

Comprehensive surgical table, suitable for thoracic, abdominal, cerebral, ophthalmic, ENT, obstetrics, gynecological, and urinary surgeries. Made of memory sponge, the mattress can reduce the bed sores effectively. T-shape base provides more space for the clinician's comfort and foot-space.