Patient Monitoring and Life Support

010 Patient Monitoring & Life Support

Patient Monitors

Based on the modularity and expandability of its monitoring parameters, patient monitor fulfills primary clinical requirements in various scenarios, including Emergency Rooms, General Wards, Rehabilitation Department, Cardiac Units, and In-hospital Transfer, covering all patient types from neonatal to adult monitoring.

ECG Background


3-Channel and 5-Channels ECG for with ECG evaluation and interpretation created to be used for a wide range of patients including adults, children, and infants. It detects cardiac abnormalities with clear and accurate ECG signals, providing the medical professionals with assistance for more convenience and confidence in their diagnosis.

Medication Delivery

Patented single-step IV loading method and automatically identifies the tube status, making the infusion tube installation safe and convenient. Its self-adapting peristaltic system makes automatic adjustments for each infusion, ensuring the accuracy and safety of infusion. It also has an anti-bolus system that significantly reduces the bolus after occlusion.

Fetal Monitoring (CTG)

Provides solutions for all areas of fetal monitoring, ranging from antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum clinical applications. With integrated monitoring of FHR, uterine activity, fetal movement, intrauterine pressure and direct ECG. Advance FHR detection technology improves the accuracy of FHR (fetal heart rate) measurement, allowing clinicians to make accurate diagnosis and treatment, and ease the mind of the pregnant.



Transport and ICU ventilator supports the sequential therapy requirement among oxygen therapy, non-invasive ventilation and invasive ventilation with stable performance, versatile function and ease of use. Ventilation modes and decision-supporting tools are developed on the basis of clinical needs and professional guidelines to help medical personnel calmly make clinical decisions on all patient population and acuity.



A portable device that utilizes advanced biphasic defibrillation technology for non-invasive pacing and complete monitoring. It is reliable and efficient, intended to be used by trained medical technicians, doctors, nurses or medical specialists in outdoor and indoor emergency care settings including air and ground ambulances within the environmental conditions specified.